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Javalina cape $125

average size

Coyote full body/rug $125

big old male 1 large hole but easy fix


Coyote cape $75

Bobcat no feet $200

 Bobcat full body/rug $250

average size nice spots

Bobcat fullbody/rug $275

super spotted average size

Red fox no feet  $120 Sold

vey nice big fox

Black bear # 1 full body/rug med size $400

excelent bear no holes or rubs good female bear 

black bear # 2 fullbody rug small Boar $400

execelent bear no holes or rubs young boar 

Mule deer cape 17 1/2 inch behind ears $100

Grey Fox full body/rug $150

Cougar rug $800 Sold